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mascherina ffp3, CORONAVIRUS FEARS SEND FACE MASK PRICES SKYROCKETING, PROMPT WARNINGS ABOUT PRICE GOUGING A growing number of cases in California, Washington state and Oregon are confounding authorities because the infected people hadn't recently traveled overseas or had any known close contact with a traveler or an infected person. Azar tried to assuage concerns that the outbreak of coronavirus wil spread widely among the American public, telling Fox News that the chances on contracting the virus remains low, but noted that things can change rapidly.

mascherina ffp3 - The risk to any individual American remains low, Azar said.  Thanks to the efforts the president has taken, they stay low.  We're working to keep it that way. He added: But things can change rapidly.  They should know we have the best public health system in the world though looking out for them. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

mascherina ffp3, President announces travel restrictions for Iran, South Korea and Italy over coronavirus. Fox News’ David Spunt reports from the White House. The coronavirus has yet again exposed the strong contrast between President Trump – who is working ardently for the American people – and a Democratic Party with little interest in anything besides taking him down. President Trump, for his part, has taken unprecedented action to thwart the spread of the virus. The president issued a travel ban to stop the spread of the virus by travelers from affected regions, announcing additional travel restrictions during a Saturday news conference.

mascherina ffp3 - PERSON DIES FROM CORONAVIRUS IN WASHINGTON STATE, FIRST IN THE US, HEALTH OFFICIALS SAY Trump announced mandatory quarantines and a public health emergency. And he formed a Coronavirus Task Force and appointed Vice President Mike Pence to lead the effort to orchestrate a coronavirus response. Meanwhile, Democrats and the anti-Trump media have done little more than complain, point fingers, and politicize what should be an issue engendering bipartisan response. Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., falsely accused the president of having no plan to deal with the coronavirus, despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issuing a 52-page planned response.

mascherina ffp3 - Some 60 percent of CNN’s questions to coronavirus-related guests invited criticism of the Trump presidency. Further exposing its bias, CNN cut away from President Trump’s news conference on the coronavirus to televise flailing Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg’s presidential town hall. The New York Times published a column by Gail Collins that dubbed the coronavirus the “Trumpvirus.” The newspaper’s continually wrong economics columnist Paul Krugman appeared to celebrate fall in the stock market.